Monday, August 25, 2014


I have made some UPdates on this website. Check the tabs. The spelling list is up to date and the math assignments are up to date. If your child is in my math class, please encourage them to finish their math homework and to bring it in tomorrow. 4th grade is officially beginning and their assignments will go on their grade. After 5 days, they will receive a zero. Anything turned in late will receive a 5 point deduction each day. (Each assignment is worth around 26 points.)

For my homeroom kids: 
Happy birthday today, Cristian! We had a lot of fun singing to him today. Unfortunately he popped his balloon, but it made for a good laugh. However, NO MORE POPPING BALLOONS. :)

** Today I sent home a reading calendar. I accidentally wrote that they need to read 100 minutes a month. That is incorrect. They need to read 100 minutes a week! So a total of 400 minutes per month. I will make sure to tell the students tomorrow about this mistake. Please help encourage your child to read, read, read! ***

Adventure awaits within the pages of a book!

Thanks for all your support!

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