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Social Studies: Counties of Utah

Currently, Mrs. Taylor's homeroom class is in my class for science and social studies. One of the required 4th grade curriculum social studies units is to know about all the counties in Utah.  We will be doing a county project for the duration of this unit. The project  is described below with a checklist on the following page.

 The project is completed mostly in class during this unit.  Each student will research and present one county that will be assigned to them.  Students are responsible for:
- filling out the packet given to them in class to complete their research  
- making a tri-fold cardboard poster.  

We will have three in-class research days (Wednesday January 7th,  Thursday  January 8th and  Monday January 12th). I will give students information packets about their county that they will use for research. Some information will need to be researched on their own time at home.  There is a lot of information that can be found online.  Our library has introduced them to links that our school has access to that will help with this report. Also, the public library has county books that could be used for additional research. The last page of this packet includes a list of resources that you may use.

County Poster
Students will have four in-class poster-making days (Tuesday January 13th– Tuesday January 20th). Please send a tri-fold poster (cardboard), some pictures, any typed information, colored paper etc. with your student on or before Tuesday January 20th so they will have something to work on in class. Students need to type their information at home to glue on the board or use their best handwriting. These posters will also be presented in class and again at the County Fair in April. As this is a major fourth grade project, high quality work is expected. 

Thanks for all your support!  If you have any questions, please send an email.

~Mrs. Lott

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