Saturday, September 6, 2014

After Labor Day

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a great Labor Day and that the following days were filled with many accomplishments. In my various classes, we accomplished many things!

In math, we are still reviewing many basic concepts to prepare us for the new ones we will be learning soon.

In science and social studies, we finished our scientific method unit and are moving onto maps and mountains. One of my favorite lessons so far was when the students worked in groups to compare 3 different maps (Disneyland, Sundance Ski Resort, and a map of Alaska). While looking at the maps, they had to determine what they all had in common and to create their own definitions based on what they saw. My favorite definition of a legend comes from Logan:

"So, let's say you didn't know where the bathroom is and you're at Disneyland, and all you have is a map and Oh Look! Here's a legend. A legend shows you what parts of Disneyland there are bathrooms."

To demonstrate our knowledge of maps and legends, each student created their own Barefoot Island where they created a map in the shape of a foot and a legend to go with it. I really enjoyed seeing what they came up with. Feel free to stop by my classroom to see them. They are hanging outside my room.

In Language Arts, we have been learning about strategies that we can use before, during, and after we read. To help us remember these strategies, we used them with the following book: A Bad Case of Stripes.  Before we read the book, we made predictions and then typed them on our class blog. Then they commented on each other's blog posts. Every single student was engaged during this lesson. They loved getting to type their predictions and then getting to leave comments on their classmate's posts.

This week we also started our first Opinion Paper on what we think is the best candy/treat. On Monday we will write our introduction paragraph and then on Tuesday we will type up our introductions.

Thank you students for all your hard work!
Thank you parents for encouraging them to work hard and do their best!

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